Listen 2 Us - Literacy, Self-Determination, and Interdependence for Nonspeakers

My Literacy Journey & Beyond:  Presentation & Dialogue with DJ Savarese 

Inclusion shouldn’t be a lottery. Everyone deserves a literacy-based education, but teachers are not always trained in how to teach reading and writing to neurodiverse learners. In this session, DJ will share the various accommodations that he used from kindergarten through sixth grade to become the avid reader and published author he is today, and some of his later writings, which offer worthwhile insights into his lived experience. Recommended for parents and teachers.

Creating Hope in 2020: A Dialog with DJ Savarese

Hope is not easy. Hope is hard. But what if we imagine living life as a perpetual meditation on Hope? In this webinar, DJ makes visible what helps him create hopeful possibilities in a world that is thankfully always coming-into-being. As always, a dialogue ensues. Recommended for anyone and everyone. Please join us!