Listen 2 Us - Literacy, Self-Determination, and Interdependence for Nonspeakers

Writing Paragraphs (3rd Grade)

“Pizza” “Sunflowers” “Lions” “Dogs” “Frogs”


Class Assignment:

  • Writing paragraphs using a main idea and supporting ideas

My Work:

  • Choosing good details/supporting ideas
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting ideas
  • Reading sentences and filling in the blanks with words


  • Writing a good main idea
  • Developing three supporting ideas

Final Product/Benefits:

  • Many examples of well-thought-out paragraphs

Supports for Motor Challenges:

  • Highlighting main and supporting ideas with the same colors (pink marker/green crayon)
  • Use a picture symbol instead of drawing and coloring
  • Didn't complete the entire booklet

Supports to help bridge the leap from instruction to the first writing assignment:

  • Develop a main idea.  Example:  Pizza is good to eat.
  • Create a checklist with good and bad supporting ideas.
  • I read and picked out the good supporting ideas.
  • I could identify the main idea from this checklist.
  • I could identify the supporting ideas from this checklist. 


  • These accommodations really say "I'm able and will be able to catch up."
  • If I had to draw, I'd likely stop from frustration and never learn the ideas.
  • If I used the worksheet directions and circled the main idea and underlined the supporting ideas, I would be left with something messy and difficult to see.