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2017Peabody Award for film Deej
05/22/2018Connections: Discussing the Reel Mind Theatre and Film Series
05/28/2018Bloom Blog - The film Deej upends what you think you know about disability
08/08/2018Psychology Today, “Fresh Thinking on Autism: The Documentary Film “Deej” Challenges Us All to Live Inclusion”
by Jason Tougaw
10/02/2019 The world according to DJ Savarese, Hani Elkadi, Writers Group . In celebration of Iowa City Book Festival week, we are sharing Iowa City-based artist and writer Hani Elkadi's poetic profile of author DJ Savarese. We hope you enjoy this literary endeavor.
DSQ vol.30 2010Cultural Commentary: Communicate with Me by DJ Savarese
Spring, 2017Iowa Review - Passive Plants
11/28/2018ASAN Gala Speech by DJ Savarese