Listen 2 Us - Literacy, Self-Determination, and Interdependence for Nonspeakers

A picture of Jamie Burke in a blue tshirt.

Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke graduated from Syracuse University in 2013 with a BA in Religion and Society and a Minor/Concentration in Native American Studies. A national and global presenter and trainer since his mid-teens, Jamie advocates for full inclusion and typed communication as gateways to speech, literacy, and connection and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Lucky Hollow Nature and Sensory Retreat in Fabius, New York. A former member of the Advisory Board for the Hussman Institute for Autism and a guest co-editor for the TASH Connections Journal, Jamie has been featured in, and contributed to, a number of publications, including “Heavens of the Brain,” in See It Feelingly, Classic Novels, Autistic Readers, and the Schooling of a No-Good English Professor (2018)” (; “The World as I’d Like It to Be” in Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone (2005) (; “’Helping’ Autistics to Speak” in Time (2006) (,8599,1192775,00.htmlmagazines); and “Autism: Breaking the Silence” in People (2005)(

He is also the writer and narrator of an award-winning short video entitled “Inside the Edge: A Journey to Using Speech through Typing”(2002), which chronicles his journey from supported to independent typing and from reading aloud to reliable speaking. (available at Jamie attributes much of his life’s success to years of innovative therapies and to being fully included in regular education from kindergarten through college graduation.