Listen 2 Us - Literacy, Self-Determination, and Interdependence for Nonspeakers

My Trip to Italy with Grandy

Class Assignment:

  • Choose and research a place using study guides, encyclopedias, and the internet.  Write a realistic account of your imagined visit to that place.

My Work:

  • Exactly the same as my classmates.

Motor Support:

  • Typed report instead of writing by hand.

My Reflections:

  • I didn't like writing stories, so I wasn't as good at it as I was at writing poetry and nonfiction.  I didn't do it as much.  Given a choice between writing a story, a poem, or nonfiction, I would choose a poem.
  • I love seeing my writing.  I feel like I was sane a long, long time ago.
  • I like writing as a way of letting kids know more about me.